Hira Mani recreates her famous dialogue ‘Mard Bari Piyari Cheez Hai’ in Tabish’s funny talk show


Well in this busy and disappointing life we find some people who have the ability to put smile on our faces and these kind people are present in our society. Sometimes we recognize their worth and many times they left us without any clue but their acts are remembered forever. Some of our celebrities are very wise and know the worth of their work and also they have the ability to recognize the pure people in our surroundings.

One of that witty personalities is Hira Mani. She is a veteran actress who has done a great job in all the serials she has worked in and get fame because of her intelligence. She is a brilliant artist who started her work after getting married and became famous before stepping into showbiz industry. She is liked by all our audience and especially by the photographers who remain very comfortable while shooting with Hira.

The couple, Hira and Mani are again invited to a talk show “Hasna Mana Hai” hosted by Tabish and on air on Geo tv. Tabish asked her to recreate her dialogue “Mard bari pyari cheez ha” in a hilarious way. Hira did it and could not control her laughter while saying this again. She told Tabish that while going back from an interview with Samina Peerzada she was thinking that she had done a blunder to say this and it was true. Here is the link to Hira and Mani’s interview on Geo news.

She was once invited for an interview with Samina Peerzada in which she was asked about the men and she replied in a very different way that is usually not seen in our society. She said the man is a very beautiful thing, he has feelings and we must try to value them and we ourselves made them strict. Hira’s thinking about men gets viral over the internet and many memes were made on it because it was not a common perception about men.

What did you think Hira’s thinking about men is true or not? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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