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Iqra Aziz’s husband Yasir Hussain revealed that once actress Meera slapped me with a memorable ‘loud slap’

Meera always makes headlines for her controversial attitude. The drama queen misses no chance to entertain the public with her behavior. Meera has got a significant fan following and a few months back a viral trend started making rounds on social media platforms where people raise their voices for bullying the said actress for her english. She got immense success with her movie Khilona in 90s.

Incredibly talented and beautiful Meera Jee has definitely got a spark. She says whatever is in her mind and heart. Recently Yasir Hussain revealed that he got slapped by her so hard. In an interview, Yasir Hussain disclosed that during a shooting she had to slap Yasir as it was a requirement of the scene. Yasir Hussain still remembers that it was such a hard slap and he couldn’t forget it even now.

His recent movie Javed Iqbal really got public appreciation. Being an incredible artist he prefers to choose only the best projects. His selection of projects is totally tremendous. Here we are posting the video of Yasir Hussain narrating that incident in such an enjoyable way. So guys let’s watch this video together. There you go!

Yasir Hussain is an honest man with blunt and open opinions about others. Recently he was seen trolling Aiman Khan. Aiman posted a picture of her from Nathia Gali and Yasir wrote, is this really Nathia Gali? Socho. Lol, we are gushing over his sense of humor. He posted this comment in the context of Minal Khan’s repeatedly copied Instagram stories.

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