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Mahira Khan looks captivating and irresistible in her recent photo shoot

Mahira Khan, a stunning actress and fashion icon who is best known for her bold acting and stunning photoshoots. She is a brilliant artist who remains active on social media for her loving fans and who also admire Mahira’s stunning looks from all the photoshoots and movies. She brilliant performance can be seen now in her latest movie Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad for which she is trolled badly before the release.

The dance moves she made with Fahad Mustafa at all the Premieres of her movie were totally disliked by the public. They were furious in this sense that the performance was not looking like somewhere in an Islamic country. Mahira’s dressing and awkward styles were depicting the western culture that is not usually accepted by our cultural norms.

Mahira’s different photoshoots are also seen on the internet and especially on her own social media account. She has recently posed for a famous magazine in Pakistan named “Ok! Pakistan”. Her alluring looks in the golden outfit was looking very decent and different than all other attires she wears from time to time for other photoshoots. All of the outfits she tried for the photoshoot were very attractive and Mahira carried them with great joy.

Here are the pictures of this diva featuring beautiful attires for the magazine we can see her jewelry and makeup was done with care and that is giving all the perfect look to Mahira Khan. Netizens commented on her look positively and also some of them also show their inner feelings by commenting with bad words.

Did you like Mahira’s new look for the magazine photoshoot? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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