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Yasir Nawaz reveals THIS strange habit about Nida Yasir and it will surely shock you

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz is a famous couple who are doing great in their field. Yasir Nawaz has appeared in many serials based on reality and also fiction acts are also performed by this actor. He is less seen on the screen now because of his side business that is going well. Yasir and Nida have launched their own restaurant named “The forest” and they invite many celebrities there for lunch and dinners. Some famous artists also visit them without invitation and as normal customers.

The couple is happily married and celebrated their 20th anniversary this June and is blessed with three kids, one daughter, and two boys. They always treat their audience with beautiful pictures and short clips that they made during leisure time and especially they were totally free and isolated in the upper portion of their house because of Covid. Their bonding was seen better in those days when they were affected by the life-threatening disease with zero medications.

Yasir was invited to a talk show named as “The Mazedar Show” and asked about Nida’s worst habit. Yasir told that Nida never listens to anybody even me. She interrupts the talk with her other concerns and never bothers about what the other person is saying. He hilariously recreates a dialogue by considering another artist as Nida and talks to him like she does all the time. Here is the link to the video have a look and enjoy!

Yasir and Nida were not in love before marriage and the wedding were totally arranged by their parent Just after the willingness of both TV artists. They just met one or two times before their wedding but now they bond and love is an example for all new couples who tied a knot in recent few years. They spend their whole life with little fights and a lot of love that is essential for every relationship.

What do think, it’s a good habit of Nida or bad? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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