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Javeria’s congo drum playing and singing went viral and her opinion about her video

Javeria Saud is a big name in the history of Pakistani showbiz who made her debut in acting for many years ago. She owns many skills in acting, singing, producing, and reciting naats on screen and also at informal setup made by her colleagues. She is a designer of her own outfits especially when she does twinning with her daughter Jannat.

The family nowadays flies to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and keeps their audience up to date about the latest happenings. It is said that only the chosen one goes there otherwise many people who can also afford the cost of fare, did not go there to perform their Holy services. Javeria and Saud are trolled by netizens but this is the first priority of keyboard warriors to write something if it’s bad or good.

Saud Qasmi, Javeria’s husband also added that people just want to say something, they are after everyone and everything so we did not bother or care about anything that happened just like that. We know what we are doing and will remain like that. Here is the video of Javeria’s interview with Mathira, have a look.

Javeria was invited to a talk show hosted by Mathira in which she was asked about her fun time at Shaista’s eid special program. she was performing in congo and singing a song in her own way. Javeria told that it was not a big deal, we were just having fun off air and Shaista said that no one is going to make any video but if someone did this then the matter is not serious. She has not performed any bad act for which she has received trolling.

What do you say about this type of ‘out of mind’ criticism that celebrities have to face during their career? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks

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