Reema Khan’s profound response to Abida Parveen bothered netizens


Social media can’t give a guarantee to always garner you immense admiration and love, sometimes it bestows you with trolling, criticism and backlash. People are quite free to use freedom of expression and in fact, they are overusing it. Judging everyone has literally become the first priority of this moral Police that keeps patrolling on social media. These keyboard warriors are too keen to regard others’ feelings as fake or Drama.

Recently, an emotional video of Reema khan went viral where she’s seen showing an overwhelming reaction to Abida Parveen. The video opens with Reema Khan crying and holding Abida Parveen’s hand. How adorable is it to see how Reema Khan is showing respect and regards for her senior artist. This is how you should respect your seniors. The Internet is flooding with derogatory remarks and people are considering her emotions as overacting.

Now she is focusing on her personal life. It’s really important to know one thing that we all should now try to minimize this ridiculous thing of trolling, it has cost Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s life. Live and let live should be our motto. Don’t try to become the reason for the destruction of someone’s peace of mind. It’s really not necessary to find fault in everything. Here’s that video. Have a look.

People are of the view that she’s an over actor and there’s nothing special to meet with Abida Parveen. People are wondering that what was the reason behind getting so emotional. Reema has really won our hearts with her incredible acting skills and she has ruled over the industry for significant years of her career.

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