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Sadia Imam, Sunita Marshal, Sarwat Gilani, and many celebrities get vocal about the tactics to keep their child’s away from mobile

Mobile has certainly created a problem for all the parents out there. Kids’ screen time has become so intense that consequently is giving birth to some serious health issues. It is the need of the hour to do something to keep our kids safe and sound. Nida Yasir recently has done an effort to shed light on different tactics to keep their kids away from this thing.

Sarwat Gilani, Sunita Marshal, Sadia Imam many other known personalities of the industry appeared on the show. Sarwat Gilani shared her thoughts on adopting some tactics to deal with this situation. Sarwat has always been so involved with her kids and her live sessions concerning artworks with her kids were our favorite thing.

Sadia gifted her daughter a beads set that makes her creative to design bracelets for herself. It’s true we need to put a lot more effort to bring out something productive in our kids. More screen time brings more irritation, stubbornness, and many other bad habits. Everything looks good within the limit. Excess to everything is bad. Here’s the video, have a look.

Sarwat shared that she is used to bring some art stuff with her that eventually gives good company to her kids when they are free or even waiting for the flight. We loved the way she’s giving different ideas to keep our kids secure. Sadia Imam also took part and put her stance on this matter. She’s of the view that certain creative gifts can be the best thing to engage your kids in healthy activity.

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