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Babar Azam’s supportive tweet for Virat Kohli is winning internet

Babar Azam is such an amazing batsman whose power-packed performance has always made Pakistani cricket team win. This spectacular star has won millions of hearts with his outstandingly finest performances. India and Pakistan are considered to be traditional foes. In the field of cricket, the fans of both sides make no compromises when it comes to the match between India and Pakistan.

Apart from this traditional enmity, we have witnessed on certain occasions where the people of both countries are spotted supporting each other. Recently Babar Azam has done the same thing that is eventually winning people’s hearts even across the border. Let’s get straight into the complete news.

Right after his tweet, all the fans of Babar and Virat came out with an immense appreciation for this duo and several memes also started surfacing on social media. It’s amazing how Azam has won hearts.

Well, Virat Kohli has got dropped from 18 members squad on the tour of West Indies which would be stressful for him. For a long time, Virat was unable to give his performance and due to being out of form, he had to be dropped. This news would definitely be making him so worried and even more out of form. Meanwhile, Babar Azam came forward to support Virat Kohli. His outstanding tweet that was manifesting his sportsmanship. He encouraged Babar Azam and advised him to keep patience as this toughest phase and difficult time shall pass.

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