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Naimal Khawar turns host for son Mustafa pre birthday celebration

Sometimes we have to value our relationships for different events because without them the celebrations remain incomplete. They can be our parents or friends whom we love wholeheartedly and could not imagine our life without their affection. The same thing happened to Naimal and Hamza as they celebrated their son’s birthday before the date arrived.

As we know Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated a few days ago and many people traveled from off places to join their families for this auspices occasion. People in Pakistan especially wait for the whole year to come closer to their dear ones at eid and they plan weddings and other events on these days because they wanted to see everyone from there on the occasion.

The little bundle of joy was looking very happy surrounding all his loved ones with him. Everyone was super excited for the event and especially waiting for the big birthday bash that will happen after a few days. Look at the video shared by Naimal on her social media account that is highly appreciated by the public and followers of this stunning diva.

Naimal and Hamza celebrated their son Mustafa’s second birthday at home with their family. We can see in the video shared by Naimal, that her mother and mother-in-law are also present there and joined them for a little celebration before his actual date of birth. They did it because everyone was present there for Eid-ul-Adha and they made advantage of it.

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