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Areeba and Uzair Alvi’s hidden wedding story revealed on morning show

Areeba Alvi is a rising star and youngster in our showbiz industry who started her career in 2019 and get fame just in a few months. As we know the kids of showbiz artists are already famous from their birth and they don’t need to do many struggles to get fame. Areeba is the oldest daughter of famous actor Shahood Alvi who is blessed with three pretty girls. She always remains thankful to ALLAH almighty for blessing him with three gifts in the form of daughters.

Shahood and his wife Saima are a very lively couple but are not famous too much together because Saima is a housewife and did not choose any job. She is wholeheartedly raising her kids and doing all her best to make them good citizens and human beings. Most of the family were invited to a morning show hosted by Nida Yasir and she asked many questions to Areeba’s father and husband Uzair Alvi. The couple tied a knot in March 2002 in a lavish wedding ceremony.

As the name tells us that they are from the same family but they only met each other at weddings or formal gatherings. They never thought about each other like that but after that one conversation, they liked each other and are now happily married. A hilarious fact about Uzair is that he calls his father in law as ‘Shahood bhai’ and Areeba’s mother as ‘Saima baji’. Here is the link to Shahood family’s interview on Nida Yasir’s morning show.

Nida asked a question that how Areeba and Uzair met for the first time and how they get married. Shahood told that it was just because of their dog. He uploaded the pictures of his pet that was liked by Uzair and he visited them to see that dog. There he met Areeba and had a conversation and afterward Uzair’s parents asked Shahood to his daughter to their son.

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