Meera’s alluring throwback pictures is a surprise for her audience


Meera Gee is a great name in the history of Pakistani media as she spent her whole life serving the Lollywood and we can see after the undefeated hard work of this type of people, now our best era of showbiz has started. People all around the world started to watch our drama serials and also the movies that are doing great business in Pakistani cinemas and also in India.

Meera is a highly talented actress who is not married yet even after spending most of her time with media persons and on the shootings. She never gets bored of trying new things for the entertainment of her followers and admirers. Meera’s controversial husband emerged in 2018 but she denied all the rumors about her married life and told that she never get married to anyone. To clear this claim she also hired a legal advisor to cope with the situation.

Meera’s funny style of speaking English attracts all her audience and they also made many memes for her wrong English wording. Meera’s many controversies are cleared by herself especially about her mother when she was kicked out her of her lavish lifestyle and beautiful house. Look at the throwback pictures of this stunning diva.

Surprisingly Meera’s real name is Irtiza Rubab which is known by very few people in Pakistan. People love her and recognize the name she opted for her career. Meera looks very pretty in all the outfits rather they are from different designers or simple dresses that she buys from local shops. She always tries to remain in the headlines as she is getting old day by day and less seen on the screen.

What do you think we should make fun of someone’s personal life and way of speaking? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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