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Neelam Muneer Khan’s latest pictures from Eid festivities are getting fame

Neelam Muneer is all time favorite actress of Pakistani media as she remains a part of controversies because of her bold acts in her daily life. She was also nominated for many beauty contests outside Pakistan and this thing is not digested by Pakistani people because they think that she is not that pretty to be nominated for such awards.

Neelam’s blockbuster performances in different dramas are notable and highly appreciated by the public. She has appeared as ‘Shijrat’ on a Pakistani channel and her character was highly admired by the people of Pakistan because she was showing the true reality of our harsh society in true meaning. Her acting skills and intelligence can never be defeated by anyone in this world.

She uploaded her latest pictures from all the days of Eid in which she was looking very decent and attractive. On the first day of Eid, she was wearing a beautiful red outfit from ‘Agha Noor’ and her hair and makeup was done by Nabila’s salon. Neelam’s look for the second day of Eid was also flourishing in which she was spotted wearing ‘Meeras and Nilofer Shahid’ outfits in dark green and peach-perfect color combination. For both days she selected beautiful jewelry from ‘Ombrebyst’. The black attire she chooses from ‘Vanya.Pk’ was also looking very perfect with this stunning lady.

Neelam remains in the highlights of social media news because of her blunt acts especially when she does dance practice in her car and also the scandal that was made to her with the name of Ahsan Khan. Neelam remains active on her social media account and shares beautiful pictures from time to time and gets a great appraisal from the audience.

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