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Sana Faysal reveals her Intentions to being future’s top-notch actress

Sana Faysal, wife of Faysal Qureshi is such an amazing and talented lady. Her Instagram stories and wall posts are definitely filled with her talent. Be it her job, her fondness for managing home, and her outstanding baking skills everything just keeps her fans adoring for this resplendent lady. A lot of her fans would definitely have a question in their minds concerning seeing her as an actress. So, today she’s breaking good news for all of you as she has showcased her intentions to work in the industry.

In her recent interview with Momina, she bluntly confessed her wish to perform in any telefilm-like project. Talking about her plans she added that acting certainly requires long hours and your schedule is not confirmed. So being a mom it’s difficult for her to manage these timings. She would prefer to appear in some shorter projects like telefilms.

This mesmerizing couple has always won hearts and their fans love to see them together. Sana Faysal is all set to work in the industry but all she wants is to manage her career and home together. Here’s Sana Faysal’s interview with Momina. Have a look.

It would definitely be an amazing experience to watch her working in the industry. Sana Faysal is such a pretty lady. Here we are sharing with you guys some of her Faysal Qureshi pictures. Faysal Qureshi recently made headlines with his controversial statement concerning calling all newcomers quite disrespectful towards their seniors.

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