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Afifa Jibran’s latest smutting pictures are giving the clue about her separation from Syed Jibran

Afifa Jibran and Syed Jibran are the most beautiful and significant couples in Pakistani entertainment industry. Though Afifa Jibran is a non-showbiz personality yet she has managed to be in limelight with her ethereal looks always. Jibran and Afifa are always seen sharing their love story and the way they support and love each other is truly tremendous.

Done extremely hot and unexpected pictures of Afifa Jibran are surfacing on social media. It seems like something is fishy between the two. There are several reasons that has made us and the public speculate about their separation. Before we dig into details let’s have a look at Afifa Jibran’s smutting and sultry pictures. These sizzling hot images are truly conveying some suspicions.

Secondly, on her official Instagram account, there’s not any picture of Jibran. Her sexy avatar is definitely indicating something else. People are asking in the comments section about Syed Jibran. We are amazed to see her bold avatar. Here are some of the pictures and videos from her Instagram handle. There you go.

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Afifa Jibran took to her social media handles and shared some pictures of her that truly bothered netizens. Afifa is spotted wearing some quite revealing clothes. Wearing a deep neckline with stripped ends of a black top she wrote a bold caption and posted this picture for all those who are stalkers and haters. People are shocked after having such a shameful surprise from her. People are speculating that they both are separated now because Afifa Jibran has changed her name on Instagram.

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