Aymen Saleem doesn’t want her fans to treat her and Arsalan Naseer as a couple


Aymen Saleem and Arsalan Naseer caught all the limelight and attention with their very first appearance together. Since then fans are striving hard to prove them a couple. It seems like Aymen is now done with all this drama and is getting uncomfortable.

Chupke Chupke was their very first project together. People loved their swoon-worthy chemistry in Chupke Chupke. They both are always asked about their relationship status. Sometimes it really becomes so awkward. In live sessions with her fans, Aymen has tried to clear her stance on their relationship. Arsalan Naseer and Aymen are truly talented persons. These emerging stars have proved themselves the powerhouses of performance.

It’s good that Aymen has finally broken the silence on this matter. People should really respect someone’s privacy, Aymen is such a prettiest girl and would become even more successful. Talent and beauty run in her family. Earlier she announced to quit working but later started appearing on the screen once again. Here’s Aymen Saleem’s post. Have a look.

Aymen recently has got vocal about Arsalan Naseer. In QA session on insta, she openly talked about her thoughts on this matter. Aymen has requested her followers and fans to stop portraying them as a real-life couple. She went on clarifying that they both are best friends and colleagues but repeatedly asking about Arsalan makes her uncomfortable.

Is Aymen Salem right, do you guys believe that? Share your views with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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