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Dua Zehra is in safe hands, reaches Dar ul Aman Lahore

Alhamdulilah, finally Dua Zehra is now in safe hands. Iqrar Ul Hassan broke the news on his official YouTube channel and literally nothing can be more peaceful than this news. Iqrar Ul Hassan’s efforts have proved to be fruitful and now the entire nation is at peace. The leading culprit of this gang Zaheer would try hard to get bail but it seems near impossible.

This is true happiness that after the hardships of three months Dua Zehra’s case is finally moving to its end. It has been proved now that she got kidnapped and then there were certain pieces of evidence that the girl could have been smuggled through human trafficking. Iqrar Ul Hassan got involved in the case recently and was of the view that according to him this case was nothing more than an elopement.

It’s an alarming situation where minors are getting trapped through these gaming apps. Maria Ali and Iqrar Ul Hassan have really done amazing jobs. Hats off to Mehdi Kazmi the father of Dua Zahra who didn’t bow before this gang. Here’s Iqrar Ul Hassan’s video, finally a relief for all those who kept praying for Dua. Congratulations.

After researching for almost two and half months he caught some strong evidence that was quite enough to prove it human trafficking case. All these fabricated interviews and live sessions were merely bad planning. Some of the low-key YouTubers were also involved in all this matter. Mehdi Kazmi sahab has done everything for bringing his daughter back home.

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