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Mahira Khan’s letdown has been started by the keyboard warriors because of her revealing outfit

Premieres are in the air of different movies that are going to be released now on eid days 1 and 2. The public is not going slow to praise and also let down different celebrities because they are now crossing their limits in the name of promotion and denying the rules of an Islamic country. It is true that we ourselves do not follow many rules according to our teaching but sometimes things go beyond the barriers.

Though the government of Pakistan is not bothering them in any way with other videos there could be a lot of trouble for all these actors and actresses. Mahira Khan is a pretty lady, who is busy nowadays for the premiere of her upcoming movie Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad along with Fahad Mustafa but the on-screen couple is badly trolled by the netizens because of their vulgar dance moves in the live performance of their premiere.

Mahira’s blue revealing look is not digested by the keyboard warriors but if she was in any western country, her look was surely admired by the public. Here are some views of netizens about her look. Someone said ‘Film Ka Nam Quaid e Azam Rakha Magar Harktain Inki Modi Wali Hai’ and someone other said, ‘Shame On You On This Holy day’. Here are the pictures and videos from the last day of the premiere.

In the latest happening the adored actress is spotted with all the leading cast of the mega project in which the unrevealed story is related to the founder of Pakistan and the Public is not accepting the dance moves and the name of the movie. They said all this scenario is totally different from the name. The writer should avoid using our respectful names or they should try to put the theme accordingly.

What do you think public is doing right or wrong? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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