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Nasir Khan Jan reveals his baby boy’s face

Nasir Khan Jan has got popularity with his funny and amazing social media videos. He often gets trolled for his appearance and most people consider him a nonserious man who was much confused even about his own identity. His several funny videos and too many lush girly looks made him even more noticeable. We all are aware of the power social media possesses.

Last year in August Nasir Khan Jan broke the news of his marriage which truly came as a surprise. Recently Nasir shared the heartwarming news of becoming a father. It’s astonishing to see that people were reacting to this news. Trolling and lots of mean comments just welcomed the baby boy. It’s quite sure that people should not become so mean as to destroy someone’s happiness and joy. This social media has truly made people senseless and everyone considers it their right to troll anyone they want.

Fans can’t take their eyes off him. He is resembling his father. Recently Nasir khan Jan shared a picture, he was making his wife wear a gold ring. He is definitely a loving husband and it’s always great entertainment to watch his videos. Scroll down to view more pictures.

Nasir Khan Jan finally has revealed the face of his baby boy. He has dropped some bewitching pictures of his son. He’s looking so adorable, Masah’Allah. Nasir has also shared his son’s beautiful name. They have named him Ayan Khan Jan. Nasir Khan Jan is introducing his Jan and we are adoring this beautiful baby.

Have you guys congratulated him? What are your thoughts about Nasir khan Jan? Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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