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Nida Yasir and Silah Yasir – A perfect mother-daughter duo, see the pictures

Morning in Pakistan is not pleasant without Nida Yasir’s morning show as she provides the best entertainment to her audience. People usually make of her show because she covers each and every breaking news that occurs on social media. Rather it’s a wedding, a birthday, a newborn baby of any celebrity, or a baby shower, she invites every famous person on her show.

Nida Yasir is married to Yasir Nawaz who is also a great actor and director. Nida’s whole family is known for their contribution to showbiz industry. Yasir and Nida’s bonding with their kids was seen in the days of covid when they were diagnosed with positive corona symptoms. Nida with her husband and daughter Silah were isolated in an upper portion of their house whereas both boys were on the ground floor. She told her followers about that time, it was very tough for a mother to stay away from their kids.

Silah Yasir is also invited many times to a morning show that was hosted by her own mother and she was looking shy to be questioned in a formal environment by her close one. The kids of celebrities don’t need any hard work to become famous, they are already known from a young age. Here are some latest pictures of Nida with her loving companion Silah Yasir. Have a look!

Their elder daughter Silah was also there who remained determined and hopeful until the recovery was made by all three people. Silah Yasir is a pretty-faced young girl who opened her eyes in the comfy arms of her mother in 2006 and this year she has celebrated her sweet 16th birthday. She looks adorable while twinning with her lovely mother. She is now grown up and uploads her new pictures that are highly admired by her fans.

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