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Ayeza Khan brings out some interesting facts about Danish Taimoor’s ‘Joota Chupai’

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are definitely the most celebrated personalities in Pakistani entertainment industry. This couple has always mesmerized us with their outstanding and captivating chemistry. From personal life to professional life they are amazing in every aspect. This ravishing couple got married back in 2014 and their beguiling pictures just took the internet by storm.

Ayeza Khan is a queen and safe always brings an element of humor. It’s always fun to way h her narrating funny incidents. Here we are bringing for you guys an interesting incident from their wedding. Joota Chupai is a fun game that is usually played with the groom and he has to pay to get back his shoes. Here we are going to reveal where Ayeza and her cousins hid Danish Taimoor’s shoes.

The way Ayeza Khan has evolved as the best actress is totally applaudable. She’s continuing to get more and more fane. Ayeza is unbeatable in every aspect. Her outstanding and finest acting skills are enough to cast spell on viewers. Here’s that interesting video, catch a look.

Well, they hid his shoes in Danish Taimoor’s mother’s bag. No one could have the clue. So they couldn’t find it. Ayeza Khan in a show has revealed the fact and says that it was truly fun to tease him. How cute they look together. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are blessed with two adorable kids. They make sure to share their family pictures with their fans.

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