Mahira Khan opens up about not doing item song in any film


Mahira Khan is a name that can be recognized in Pakistani showbiz industry very easily because of her outstanding performances and stunning looks for more than twenty years. She is one of the most admired and also trolled celebrities, not only in Lollywood but also Indian public like her features and acting. She has done a great job in ‘Raees’, a movie that was made in India by Indian producers and directors.

It is not a common thing that someone has worked on a platform, where they did not belong and especially when there are lots of controversies between the two countries. Mahira is a single parent of an adorable kid and it’s not easy to raise a child alone prior to our commitments and busy routine but she is doing each and everything with a perfect balance and never compromising on her child’s future. She is a decent actress but sometimes she herself gives a reason to the public for trolling.

She said that it was a demand of the story and was scripted but the public is not accepting the reasons that she is giving in the interview. They are on fire and some people also reacted hilariously by mocking her in different ways. Here is the link to her interview and some comments that she received after her statement. Have a look and decide if she has done anything like this or not!

Nowadays she is the most seen celebrity on social media and also on the screens because of her special looks at the premiere of her latest movies and bold dance moves in the public. She is not coming slow this year and doing much work that must be appreciated by the public. Recently she appeared in an interview where she said that she had never done an item number and did not like this title for any song but actually she had performed an item song as ‘Noori’ in the movie ‘Superstar’.

Did you agree with Mahira’s statement about Item number? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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