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Mehwish Hayat’s practice session for Mrs. Marvel is landing her in hot water

Mehwish Hayat is getting immense appreciation for her performance in Mrs. Marvel. Mehwish is such an outstanding and extremely talented actress who has got Tamgha e Imtiaz for her significant contributions. Mehwish has always been at the marksmanship of trollers and ever since she won Tamgha e Imtiaz she literally became the most criticized celebrity.

People were extremely unhappy and didn’t consider her eligible of having this honor. Being a strongly opinionated person she remained stick to her stance and didn’t bother with this criticism. She’s moving ahead and continuing her journey towards an unbeatable success. London Nahi Jaunga is running successfully across the country. Mehwish Hayat’s back-to-back hit movies are making her even more in demand.

How is it possible, knowing the fact that this content is going to make you get backlash even then you dare to share this? It’s nothing but Inviting criticism. Our celebrities are crossing every limit to get into the top position of significant actresses. Here we are sharing this controversial video with you guys. Don’t forget to watch.

A recent video of gorgeous Mehwish Hayat is getting viral on social media. This hot favorite actress is seen having a practice session for her role in Mrs. Marvel. Netizens are literally not coming slow after having a look at Mehwish Hayat’s outfit. She’s wearing skinny fitted short tees and trousers. Not from even any single angle, she’s representing her culture. These sorts of videos definitely garner these celebs with immense abusive comments.

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