Sadia Ghaffar’s latest pictures with her cute little happy daughter


Sadia Ghaffar is a well-known TV artist who started her work in 2011 and still doing great in our showbiz industry. She is a young-looking girl who was born in 1993 in Karachi. Most of her work is really appreciated by the public because of her hard work and good behavior with the directors, producers, and co-workers, even if they are celebrity stars or makeup artists.

Sadia is one of the luckiest girls who did not troll and never faced any criticism from the netizens. She knew how to present herself in the public. She is usually seen in eastern outfits or at least nonrevealing sophisticated western dresses. Sadia get married to Hasan Hayat Khan in a very lavish wedding ceremony, in which all other celebrities were invited.

Hasan Hayat loves his daughter and wife so much and can’t live without them even for a second. He commented on the picture ‘You come across these little moments during a day when you are forced to take a back and thank ALLAH SWT for the biggest gift he has blessed you with. In my case, I was gifted an amazing wife and Raya was blessed with easily the best first-time mom ever’ Here are the pictures of these adorable mothers and daughters. Have a look!

Her co-worker and close friends Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir were married with a gap of a few days when Sadia and Hasan tied a knot and both couples are blessed with cute little adorable daughters, Raya Hayat Khan and Alyana Falak Shabir. Sadia has shared some beautiful pictures of her daughter Raya in a different dress. She is looking adorable on a dotted romper and a matching hat. Her smile is breathtaking and anyone who sees her really made his day.

Do you like the little angel’s smile? Isn’t it a refreshing thing to see for a good day? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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