Arisha Razi Khan’s most dreamy nikkah moments


Arisha Razi Khan’s pictures and videos from post celebrations of her Nikkah were making rounds on social media. Fans were quite stunned at first as the actress didn’t throw any clue before getting started with her new journey in life. Anyhow these enchanting pictures soon caught our attention and Arisha turned out to be a heart stealer. Keeping her look so swoon-worthy and fascinating she made sure to take our breaths away. We are quite sure her husband would definitely have fallen prey to her beauty and irresistible personality.

Here we are bringing something more charming and different from the previous pictures. Here we are sharing the final moments of her Nikkah. The moments when she gave herself to the love of her life. Arisha was donning such a simple attire yet had a beautiful red dupatta at the moment of nikkah. How gorgeous are her hands with outstanding hena design.

Arisha lashed out at studio86 company for leaking her private moments. She definitely didn’t want it to happen. She even advised people not to book this company as they can ruin your moments. Here is the latest nikkah video. Have a look!

These moments are definitely the best ones but yeah the most emotional phase of every girl’s life. Nikkah seems to be quite intimate as some close friends and family members were there. The grand nikkah ceremony was held later. Her nikkah moments were captured by studio-86 photographer. Her nikkah pictures brought a huge controversy.

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