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Javeria Saud’s pictures while departing for Hajj 2022

Javeria and her family are among the blessed people who have performed Hajj this year. Throughout their journey, they keep their followers up to date from the Holy land of Makkah and Medina. This year many known people specially Pakistani celebrities jetted off to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and shared some mesmeric pictures from there. This shows their huge respect for their religion and its pillars.

Javeria is always seen active in her religious affairs, especially during Rabi-ul-Awwal and Ramadan. She always likes to attend Mehfil-e-Milad and is also good at reciting Naats. Her deep connection to her religion is seen through her acts. She does special arrangements to welcome all Islamic months, including the events that are very previous for all the Muslims around the world.

The whole family was looking very happy and their relatives were there to accompany them for starting their most memorable and precious journey for which many people are still longing for. They started their voyage on 3rd July 2022 and are still there performing their duties. Floral garlands were also presented to the family as this is a tradition in Pakistan. Have a look at the beautiful and memorable pictures of Javeria and their family.

Pakistanis are very careful about the celebrations for different occasions and they congratulate other members of their family and friends in a very loving way. Javeria and her family are surrounded by beautiful-natured and lovely people around them who really appreciate all of their good deeds and events. She shared some lovely pictures in which we can see how beautifully they were greeted by their family members and friends.

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