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Naimal Khawar is trolled by keyboard warriors for having lip fillers

Naimal Khawar is a beauty who is really admired by people because she looks adorable without any makeup. She is a pretty young woman who get married to Hamza Ali Abbasi who is also a great actor and appeared in many famous serials in Pakistan showbiz industry. Both celebrities left Showbiz and announced the news to their fans right after getting married.

Hamza did not continue his work because of his religion in which he is not allowed to perform blunt actions that are usually the demand of the story and written by the writers in the script. They mainly try to show us the real story but the characters are not interconnected to themselves as family members. So it is forbidden according to Islamic rules to touch or have a conversation with Na Mehram. For this reason, Hamza left showbiz where as Naimal’s point of view was different.

She was live on her social media account where she was telling all about her work and her website and public noticed that there is something wrong with her lips. She was not looking as beautiful as always because she has done some kind of lip fillers that are absolutely looking weird on her. People gave their opinion that she should not use these things because she is already a pretty woman and did not need any artificial beauty treatments. Here is the link to the video and the comments in which keyboard warriors have trolled her. Have a look!

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She left to show her career for her little bundle of joy, Mustafa for whom she has to take care of everything. The second and most important thing for Naimal in her life is ‘Artwork’. She is obsessed with her creative and artistic personality and she wanted to continue her job as an artist. Not formally but she is doing great work at home and now going to launch and upload a website on which she will show her art pieces to sell them.

Did you like Naimal’s new transformation of her lips? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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