Muneeb Butt and Amal Muneeb are making cutest father-daughter duo, Dreamy pictures in Rain


Muneeb Butt has made his significant place in the industry with immense hard work. His journey has been quite inspirational and heart-warming. From entering in industry and essaying side roles to becoming a dashingly handsome hero, he has gone through a lot. We are in love with this debonair. Muneeb has got a great sense of humor and his bonding with his wife Aiman Khan is the most cutest thing. They keep appearing on social media with enchanting clicks and the most beautiful ones are those which are captured with Amal.

Amal Muneeb is a heart-stealer beauty. With her angelic eyes, catches the attention of the beholders and there’s no way you can ignore this munchkin. This little Dora is our favorite celebrity star. A doll with curly hair and green eyes is seen spending a memorable time with father Muneeb’s butt and cousin Jannat.

Aiman and Muneeb are blessed to have such an amazing daughter. We can’t get enough of these beautiful pictures and surely is winning Hearts. Here are these outstandingly finest and gorgeous pictures. Have a look.

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Amal always seemed accompanied by her parents. Most loved baby and khala’s Jan Amal shares a breakable bond with Minal Khan. Just look at these pictures, Masah’Allah she’s looking like a living doll and it’s evident that beauty runs in their genes. Muneeb Butt’s pictures with Amal are making rounds on social media. This father-daughter duo is enjoying this awesome weather.

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