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Good tidings from Imran Aslam as he is blessed with a baby girl

Imran Aslam, a name of brilliance and wisdom who has been working in showbiz industry for a long time and still acting in different dramas. He is seen most of the time doing negative roles, maybe his facial features are the best to portray these types of roles and he also does his job with keen observation and hard work. Like other celebrities, he also remains active on his social media account.

Imran is a very lively person who loves his wife Sana with all his heart and never cheated on her and is never shy to post lovely messages for her on his own social media account. This shows that he has only one lady in his life whom he loves the most and cares for her feelings that she owns for this legendary actor. He is not as good looking but he always fits in the characters according to the demand of the story. Imran’s hidden talent that was revealed a few years back that he is a great painter and loves to portray the natural beauty of forests.

Good tidings are here from Imran Aslam as he is blessed with a little angel, a girl for the second time. He is already a father of a girl who is now grown up and after a long, the couple is again blessed with a cute little bundle of joy. He posted the picture of the baby’s hand whose birth band is tied and it’s mentioned that it’s a girl.

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Imran is very excited and shared this good news with his followers because he considers his followers as his family and captioned the picture as ‘Alhamdulillah, by the grace of God, we are blessed with a beautiful baby girl, both my wife and baby are healthy and fine, need prayers’ Many people congratulate him with lots of prayers especially a veteran actress Shagufta Ejaz send the greetings to the blessed family.

What do you think with whom is the baby’s resemblance? Make a guess and Please write us in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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