Mariyam Nafees is out for vacation in Phuket Thailand – beautiful pictures are worth watching


Mariyam Nafees remain in the highlights of social media because of her new journey that started on 25th March 2022 and her fairy tale star-studded wedding was highly admired by the public because they did not arrange any reception and gave all the money to the desired people of old age. They spent the whole day of reception at the old age home with the poor people who are left alone at that place.

Mariyam and her husband Amaan are the true representatives of a political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and also attended many gatherings of that party. Even she has faced brutal shelling of Punjab Police at Islamabad after few days of her wedding and also shows the dark side of our organizations. She is a short-sighted but cute-looking girl who always stands by the truth and remains calm during every situation.

The couple was not alone there but a huge gathering was also there from friends and family members. Mariyam always takes special care of her relations, especially with the family members who really care for them without any personal concerns. It is very difficult to find such people who care for anyone without any sense of greed and personal benefit. So here are the pictures of this newlywed adorable couple. Have a look!

Mariam and her husband are fond of traveling abroad like all other celebrities and they choose unique places to visit. She has recently shared some beautiful pictures on her Facebook account with her husband while enjoying Phuket Thailand. The all-time favorite thing of Pakistani people is also here, ‘the twinning’. The couple was looking very decent and attractive in pink and black attire.

What do you think both husband and wife are looking cute in simple but twinning attires? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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