Iqra and Yasir spotted having fun at the beach with friends

Iqra and Yasir spotted having fun at the beach with friends

There is no day left in which Iqra and her husband are not included in the highlights of social media headlines. They are too much active on their accounts and share almost each and everything from their private life and openly accept all the trolling done by the netizens and also admire the good words from their followers. It seems like both artists are of the same nature and could not hide anything from their loved ones.

They kept everyone up to date from their wedding to honey and also to the birth and birthday of their little one, Kabir Hussain. This jolly couple loves traveling and a few days back they visited Dubai without their kid. They spent some lovely moments together without any disturbance or responsibility. Yasir Hussain has a different nature and he could not stop himself to mock anyone to jump into the pool of controversies.

After doing such type of blunders and calmly get aside and see what happens next and also enjoy even the bad comments about himself. Yasir and Iqra are fond of beaches as they often visit the seaside to enjoy themselves with their families but this time they were spotted with their friends. They give importance to everyone who is connected to them by heart and never break the expectations of other people towards them. Here are the pictures from the beach we hope you like them.

Keyboard warriors never spare this couple for their comments and always try to make fun of this lively couple. As soon the pictures are uploaded speedy fingers started to work and some harsh comments started to appear about Iqra’s revealing attire. The public is not accepting her bold look and advised her to overcome the flaws in her dressing for which she is under criticism. Her friends are also looking bold and all the people over there were just enjoying each other’s company.

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