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Javeria Saud celebrates 50th Birthday in style

Javeria Saud celebrates 50th Birthday in style

Javeria Saud is a prominent actress and host on Pakistan television. Her husband Saud is also a very decent man and the couple owns their production house JJS from which many serials have been made. There were also some serious allegations from top actors because of their money issues. They remain under criticism for a long time until they clarified the whole situation by themselves and denied all the allegations.

Javeria and her family is very fond of traveling and they never waste the holidays if their kids and free time from their busy routines. They so a YouTube channel on which she shares daily routine activities, especially in Ramadan. She also shares vlogs and pictures from Eid celebrations that are always admired by her followers. She is an expert in cooking different Pakistani and other cultural dishes and presents them in a very professional way.

She is very close to her religion as we can see from the pictures that she arranges Milad in the month of Rabi ul Awal and also invite other female celebrities to her home. She also hosts Iftar parties for other fellows of her age. They were recently spotted with Sahiba and Rambo’s family, having gotten to gather and spend some quality time with family.

Javeria has also celebrated her 50th birthday in a formal environment with her friends. It was actually a late birthday surprise party hosted by her friend Nadya Gabol. Javeria was looking very decent in a cute hairstyle that is seen for the very first time by her. Javeria’s friends’ circle is vast and she really cares about the feelings and care that receive from her friends and family. Have a video look!

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