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Maria Wasti’s recent bold video goes viral on social media

Maria Wasti’s recent bold video goes viral on social media

It seems like social media is not going to spare anyone. Whosoever is in the media industry has faced this leaked video stuff anywhere in their career. From Meera Jee’s leaked video to Neelam Muneer Khan’s viral dance video and now Maria Wasti’s leaked drinking video is really making the role of social media and this industry questionable.

An extremely disappointing video of Maria is making rounds on social media where she’s seen drinking some wine or something like this. Her overall appearance is making us feel like she’s not in her senses at all. Accompanying by a friend she’s sipping from the bottle with full enthusiasm. Her words Karo Na are making it even more objectionable and dubious. This video is enough to raise certain questions in our minds. 

Maria Wasti has damaged her own image. People are cursing her for this reason. Explanation from Maria Wasti’s side is still not given. It’s definitely a shocking thing. The whole video is so controversial and her drinking pose is making it more faulty. Here is the video, have a look.

To our surprise, there are still those who are defending her love and are calling it her personal life. People are of the view that every other actor is truly in the same situation. Some get concealed and some get exposed. According to Maria Wasti fans are truly unhappy with this video. There’s literally no reason to defend it.

What are your thoughts? It’s really something objectionable they are having in the video? Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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