Sajal Aly’s ‘Tasbeeh Counter’ bothers Netizens, Getting chastised by fans


Sajal Aly is in hot water for getting noticed by Netizens for certain reasons. Sajal is always spotted wearing a Tasbeeh counter on her finger and this thing has literally bothered the social media army. People are raising certain questions and it’s definitely something that is landing her in controversy. This ravishing diva recently was spotted in an even wearing beautiful shocking pink top paired with jeans. She was wearing a Tasbeeh counter on her finger that really triggered 

People are bashing her for keeping her head uncovered. People are judging her for this reason. There are several comments which are totally against getting and some of them are coming forward to defend her. People are also giving the reference to her recent shoot with Sheheryar Munawar, it’s pertinent to add that specific shoot out her in the court of critics.

Sajal is spotted several times with this Tasbeeh. The matter of ibadah is truly so sensitive, that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. These sorts of criticism and trolling should be banned. Here we are sharing these images of Sajal Aly. Have a look.

It’s totally unfair to become so judgmental without noticing your own eman and worth. She might be having a strong connection with Allah SWT than those criticizing her. Social media has definitely given the power to people hand’s to mock and berate others. Sajal Aly is achieving new heights in her career. From divorce with Ahad Raza Mir to her controversial shoot with Sheheryar Munawar, all this stuff put her in limelight.

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