Sana Bucha’s hilarious facts about her wedding and separation – see the video

Sana Bucha’s hilarious facts about her wedding and separation – see the video

Sana Bucha, an interesting figure on social media and an anchor person, always. people with her controversial acts and found fighting with many people in the shows and also in real life. She is one of the active and responsive journalists and sometimes does silly things and it’s in her nature to entertain people in this way.

Sana remains under criticism because of the facial treatments that she actually doesn’t need to have and looks weird by applying different cosmetics that did not look perfect on her face. She always tries to remain calm but when someone pushes her into an argument she lost her hold and starts fighting without thinking anything. This type of nature doesn’t suit any girl but she is like that and will remain as she is now.

Sana is very open to speak about herself and also about her marriage. Recently she appeared in an interview where she clearly said that she has forgotten everything about her wedding even the name and face of her ex-husband. She herself said that no one will marry her because she is not a person that can be handled easily. She further says that her father also thinks that about her that they will never find a person who can handle this strong woman. Here is a video, have a look.

Sana along with hosting also gave a stunning performance in the movie Yalghaar and also produced the movie Quetta: A city of forgotten dreams, which was very famous when it was released. Sana was married in 2010 and soon got divorced because she could not handle any man in her life and also she was unable to keep a balance between her married life and work as a journalist. After many ups and downs that she faced during the few years of her career.

What do you think, Sana is saying the truth about her ex-husband? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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