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Star-studded birthday party hosted by Nausheen Shah at her home – exquisite clicks from her home

Nausheen Shah, a well-known actress, and model who get fame from many of the famous works that she has done with Pakistani producers and directors. We can see Sana’s previous few years full of enthusiasm and a great love for her through different plays and works. Her friendly nature is loved by all her colleagues and friends.

On the other hand, Sana was married to Umair Jaswal in an intimate wedding ceremony and no one from celebrities was invited on their big day. She was looking very decent and pretty in her beautiful dress and fresh floral garlands were adding more charm to diva’s look. Sana is working in showbiz for at least eight years and after the wedding, she is seen less on the screen. She knows how to balance her personal life with work and for that reason, she is on break for a few months.

Nausheen has invited her fellows and co-workers to a lavish birthday party at her home because there was not any gathering since years, so she has gathered her favorite loving friends to her home to spend some quality time together that she was missing for a long time. We can see many famous actors and actresses in the pictures shared by Nausheen. Have a look!

Celebrities are often seen having parties together, sometimes at the beach and most of the time at home and in restaurants. They just spend some time with friends and family members to become relax through their busy life routines for shootings. This is definitely a hectic job to memorize all the dialogues and act in the right way as they are supposed to be and according to the instructions of their writers.

Do you think these parties have any effect on the daily life of artists? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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