Srha Asghar and her husband’s enchanting dance moves on Habibi

Srha Asghar and her husband’s enchanting dance moves on Habibi
Srha Asghar and her husband’s enchanting dance moves on Habibi

Srha Asghar is a cute girl who attracts people with her innocent face and decent looks she made her debut in Pakistani showbiz industry a few years back and get fame from her first project because of her perfect performance. She was not the same girl as she looks now, slim and smart but she was very bulky. She must have weight over seventy kilograms but she has transformed herself in a short period of time and now she looks flawless.

Srha is often seen in positive roles that suit her decent personality and her passion led her to the laurels of fame that she had never planned in her life. She accidentally entered showbiz but after joining it as a profession she came to know that her hidden talent is to be used here and she is chosen for this industry. Her flawless beauty and never-ending love for her profession is something worth admiring.

As we can see Srha and her husband’s beautiful bonding in all the posts that she shares with her love. Here is one more to add to this list. Srha shared a beautiful video in which she is wearing a simple dress to make some perfect dance moves with her husband on a famous song Habib featured at Asim Azhar. The couple is looking very happy and comfortable with each other. Have a look at the video given below.

Srha gets married to a chubby-looking gentle man Lala Omar whom she loves from the core of her heart. He is also very innocent and loves his wife the way she does and shares a special loving bond that is a need of this pure relationship. Srha was married in a private wedding ceremony and choose a very decent white dress. She was looking ethereal by posing with her life partner.

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