Noor Zafar Khan gets backlash for copying Gangubai avatar

Noor Zafar Khan gets backlash for copying Gangubai avatar

Noor Zafar Khan, an amazing and splendid actress, and model is getting backlash for copying Alia Bhatt’s character Gangubai’s look. So yes Netizens are literally not coming slow and they truly made Noor to regret her choice of adopting this Gangubai inspiration look. Recently Noor Zafar Khan dropped amazing pictures of her wearing a deep neckline white saree with beautiful roses in her hair. Her expressions and attitude were clearly giving us a glimpse of Alia Bhatt from Gangubai.

Gangubai is the recently released Alia Bhatt’s super duper hit movie. The screenplay, plot, cinematography, and above all Alia Bhatt’s goose-bumping acting is the most stupendous and fascinating thing. Watching the movie keeps you hooked with its every scene. You feel like living in the same character. Alia Bhatt’s spell-bounding performance has melted our hearts.

People are calling her a sasta version of Gangubai. ‘Gangubai is available in sachet now’ these sorts of hilarious comments are welcoming her. It’s totally awful how people just backlash these celebrities. Alia Bhatt has got her own grace and fandom and the same is with Noor Zafar Khan. You can’t compare these two beauties. They both are amazing in their own way. Here are screenshots of some of the comments, have a look.

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It seems like people don’t want to see anyone in the role of Gangubai except Alia Bhatt. Noor’s outstanding look is not sitting well with netizens and people are coming up with some hilarious comments. Honestly, we are in love with Noor Zafar khan’s look. Her innocence and mesmerizingly gorgeous look is catching our attention.

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