The famous politician was caught acting in an old Pakistani TV drama


It sometimes happens to be quite an amazing moment when we behold the old and new pictures of our favorite celebrities. Be they are from entertainment industry or from politics every person goes from an evolution period. This article is going to be an interesting one because the personality we are going to reveal in this blog would definitely blow your mind.

The famous politician was caught acting in an old Pakistani TV drama
The famous politician was caught acting in an old Pakistani TV drama

Here’s the picture and can you guys guess who’s this girl? Yeah, this amazing beauty is none other than Marriyum Aurangzeb. This astonishing photo is making rounds on social media. In this picture renowned actor, Mustafa Qureshi is seen and in the backdrop, there’s Marriyum Aurangzeb. She’s looking too young and her simplicity is stealing our hearts. Marriyum Aurangzeb daily makes headlines for her blunt statements and the way she has made her place in PMLN is totally amazing.

It’s definitely extremely astonishing to know that Marriyum had been a part of drama industry. The exact details of this project is known yet it’s too cool to handle. This splendorous fact has definitely made your day. She looks so pretty and her simplicity and elegance always win hearts. We are drooling over this beauteous muse. You guys must remember the times when Marriyum Aurangzeb got trolled for wearing Maryam Nawaz’s used arrays at Junaid Safdar’s wedding. Here are some more amazing pictures. Have a look.

Whatever it was she caught all our attention and we loved it. This is so awesome to see that from where she has started her journey and now she’s a significant personality concerning politics.

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