Maria B celebrates husband Tahir’s birthday; shares a picture of his cake

Maria B celebrates husband Tahir's birthday; shares a picture of his cake
Maria B celebrates her husband Tahir’s birthday; shares a picture of his cake

Maria B always manages to raise the bars high with her every single appearance. Being an acclaimed fashion designer she’s known to have an outstanding reputation in fashion industry and her fascinating arrays are definitely dream outfits for everyone. Recently the ravishing fashion designer decided to throw a whimsical birthday party for her husband.

Yeah, you all are right, we are bringing these exclusive and outstanding fits for you guys and we are quite sure you would forget to blink your eyes. Maria B is casting a spell with her finest looks and yes how can we forget her daughter Fatima who is more beautiful and gorgeous than her mother. Their glassy glowy skin adds more charm and beauty to their personalities.

These pictures are definitely too cool to handle. Maria B also shares some style inspirations on her official social media handles and her model is always Fatima. This mother-daughter duo successfully takes our breaths away with these attractive looks. Have a look.

The beautiful birthday cake caught our attention. It seems like her husband is such a big supporter of PTI. This cake is speaking thousands of words. Fatima and Maria B are coming to the fore with gorgeous looks and we can’t resist falling for these beauties. Here are some more pictures. You all must remember the controversy of hiding their COVID-positive servant. The issue gets much highlighted resulting in severe trolling and backlash.

Which picture is your favorite one? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us here in the comments section below. Thanks!


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