Hadiqa Kiani’s fabulous pictures with son

Hadiqa Kiani's fabulous pictures with son
Hadiqa Kiani’s fabulous pictures with son

Pakistani music industry has a big name and we are quite sure that everyone is her die heart fan, we are talking about Hadiqa Kiani. The mesmerizing singer had given a new era to Pakistani music industry. From Buhe Bariyan to her appearance in drama series Dobara she has been so amazing, phenomenon, and outstanding. Be it her career as a singer or actress she has performed magnificently awesome.

Her personal life has always been a topic of discussion as she openly talks about her adopted son. Hadiqa treats her fans with these outstanding images. She always mentions how much she loves her son. This cute little boy is all grown up now. He’s looking so cute. We are gushing over this mother-son duo.

Hadiqa was always much clear in her thoughts that how she would manage to adopt a child. Naad e Ali is so precious and very important to her. Despite the disapproval of her family, she adopted her son in 2005 following the massive earthquake that hit Pakistan. Hadiqa shares a unique binding with this charming boy. Here are the pictures. Have a look.

Hadiqa has stepped into the drama industry and has left everyone in awe with her powerful performance. People really criticized the subject of the serial and especially the ending of drama series Dobara didn’t satisfy the viewers. It’s so overwhelming to see her going the extra mile to showcase her talent. Hadiqa Kiani is a big name and she’s super humble and courteous. 

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