Ayesha Omar is worried about dreading monsoon in Pakistan

Ayesha Omar is worried about dreading monsoon in Pakistan
Ayesha Omar is worried about dreading monsoon in Pakistan

Ayesha needs no introduction because she is already a gorgeous lady and her beautiful attires are famous all over the world, especially in Pakistani communities. She has appeared in lots of notable projects especially her latest movie breaking records and also their portraits get fame over the internet. Ahsan Khan and Ayesha, together lot very beautiful but netizens never sit back and perform their duty of trolling because of their photoshoot at the grocery store.

Ayesha is not married yet and living in the most populated area of Pakistan where the monsoon hit very badly this year as many areas of our country are flooded and lots of people are suffering because of poor management of authorities. She has recently shared her pictures while posing in the window where we can clearly see the rain drops and she also captioned the picture as ‘Monsoon Dreading’ and ‘Ya Allah barish na de please’.

Ayesha was praying to ALLAH almighty for not giving us more rain as we don’t have many resources to overcome the loss, especially for the people who are living in far-off places and where machinery is not available. Contrary to this situation we can say that she looks elegant and decent in all situations. Here is proof in the recent picture of Ayesha. Have a look!

Most of the time people in Pakistan wait for the rain and especially the monsoon but this year there is a lot of destruction happened because of this rainy season. Even the heavy loss of five lives of our highest ranking army staff has occurred who was on the location of flood and monitoring the situation by a helicopter. Ayesha Khan is a kind-hearted actress who could not bear the heavy destruction and loss of precious lives in the flooded areas.

What do you think Ayesha is really a kind-hearted lady are is worried about the situation of her country? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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