Fiza Ali’s memorable pictures with her ex-husband

Fiza Ali’s memorable pictures with her ex-husband
Fiza Ali’s memorable pictures with her ex-husband

Fiza Ali has always been so blunt and outspoken about her relationship with her husband. She never hesitates in making public what were the reasons behind her separation. Fiza is such a gem and is known as an actress, model, and host. This gorgeous muse has now ventured into singing and this incredibly talented girl is truly an all-rounder.

During an interview, Fiza Ali gave went about her feelings and what were the triggering things that cause her divorce. Talking About her husband she added that her ex-husband was so social person and also wanted her to attend every single party in Lahore. He always forced her to get much more comfortable with people. He wanted her to be the most prominent figure at every party.

Her throwback pictures with her husband are soo cute. She’s single now and is living with her daughter. She keeps posting her mesmerizing clicks with her daughter and we are truly in love with this mother-daughter duo. Here are the pictures below. Have a look.

These several things triggered Fiza Ali and she couldn’t make it a long way. She is blessed with a daughter named Faraal. Fiza Ali claims that she’s still on good terms with her in-laws and her husband. She usually drops Faraal at her in-laws’ house. Her husband also has an incredible bonding with Faraal. Fiza is such an incredible artist and a praise-worthy woman.

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