Ayesha Omar gets vocal about her leaked photos

Ayesha Omar gets vocal about her leaked photos

Ayesha Omar is always criticized for being so blunt and outspoken. It’s not just about her verbal blunt views but also includes her blunt fashion styles and statements. All of you who have been following her since so long must remember the times when the actress’s pictures in bikinis went viral on social media apps and it truly stirred the whole social media that was probably just Facebook.

During a candid interview with Momina’s Mixed Plate, she gave vent about her feelings concerning these viral pictures. Adding more details she told that it was the time when facebook’s world was quite new and everyone was creating an account in the same fuss she also created her account and put these pictures on facebook. By the stroke of her bad luck, she wasn’t aware of these privacy settings and these pictures stirred a buzz in the media.

Ayesha Omar went on adding that someone also deliberately caught the pictures from her laptop and then these pictures were everywhere. These were times when WhatsApp and other pictures sharing apps were not introduced. This incident sent her into a deep traumatic phase and safe couldn’t believe that she was facing the same questions in every interview.

Eventually, She decided not to turn a deaf ear to these stupid people because according to her there was nothing bad in these pictures but just two girls enjoying their time. Here we are posting her interesting interview. Watch it now.

What do you guys think, these pictures were not literally a big deal. Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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