Iqra Aziz’s latest pictures are creating a stir on social media

Iqra Aziz’s latest pictures are creating a stir on social media
Iqra Aziz’s latest pictures are creating a stir on social media

Iqra Aziz is one of the most talented and outstanding actresses in our industry and her charismatic and magnificent performances leave an incredible impression on audience’s mind. From Ranjha Ranjha Kardi to Suno Chanda the actress grabbed the attention and kept fans hooked with her every character. How incredible it is to watch Iqra making records and yeah she’s truly focusing on having more.

Coming to her fashion sense, it would go without saying that she truly has shown the world that your success in the industry is not dependent on your height. She did not let her short height become an excuse and she kept on crossing every hurdle and today’s class, sophistication, and elegance is her recognition. On the work front, Suno Chanda starlet has emerged to be the most stylish actress and model.

Iqra Aziz since her marriage is also facing criticism as people literally could not digest that she fell in love with Yasir Hussain. For us, they are the most prominent and winning celebrity couple. Iqra is totally slaying in this beautiful short pink dress with these attractive bright shocking pink heels. Here are the pictures. Have a look.

Recently the actress dropped an amazing picture presenting herself in such a cool and soothing pink color attire that truly bothered netizens. People took a jibe at her and started out their moral schooling. Iqra is trolled for showing off her legs. This is really not done, people have deemed it their priority to scold these celebrities for being so bold.

Isn’t she looking so cute? Share your views with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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