Urwa Hocane states it’s not necessary to have a man in your life: Watch video

Urwa Hocane states it’s not necessary to have a man in your life Watch video
Urwa Hocane states it’s not necessary to have a man in your life: Watch video

Urwa Hocane is coming up with another extremely different notion about having a man in your life. Well in her latest interview the actress has Lipped about her perception of having a man or need a man in one’s Life. According to her, she started striving for becoming independent at the age of 14. She was always evident in her thoughts that she won’t become a burden to her parents.

Adding more details she asserted that it’s been so long since she’s working for herself. She’s an independent girl and this independence eliminates the need for a man from her life. According to her, there’s not any need to have a man in your life but there’s no problem if you want to have one in your life.

So we can say that her perception has got changed after her divorce from Farhan Saeed. She has started disbelieving in the institution of marriage. Well, Urwa Hocane is up for more work in the industry. This talented actress is the finest performer, and fans love watching her on screen. Here we are sharing the video of her interview. Please give it a watch.

She clearly has stated that she doesn’t need a. Man in her life. Well, this thought is someway controversial. People are definitely going to react to her statement. It can be said that for her man is equal to money and if you have money then you don’t need a man and if you don’t have money then definitely you would look for a man.

What is your point of view about the need for men in life? Share your thoughts with us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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