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Aiman Khan wishes 75th independence day to Pakistan

Aiman Khan wishes 75th independence day to Pakistan
Aiman Khan wishes 75th independence day to Pakistan

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have become quite famous in the showbiz industry due to their amazing acting and their love. By getting married at a very young age, both of them have given a positive message to the people that it is better to get married than to be in a relationship. And because of this, their wedding celebrations continued on social media for almost a month, due to which they also faced criticism.

If the age of actress Aiman Khan is mentioned in the year 2022, then she has turned 24 years old. And perhaps till now, Aiman Khan has had the honor of becoming a mother at a young age in the showbiz industry. On the other hand, Aiman Khan is also famous for the fact that she has become the second most followed celebrity on the social media Instagram account in Pakistan. And she has not been seen acting in Pakistani dramas since her marriage to Muneeb Butt in 2018.

As you all know that today 14th August is being celebrated with great enthusiasm all over Pakistan. Because this year Pakistan has completed its 75th Independence Day and everyone seems to be very happy on this occasion. Meanwhile, Aiman Khan has shared new pictures of herself with his daughter Amal Muneeb and her husband Muneeb Butt on social media to commemorate Independence day. So here are the photos of this little family celebrating their independence.

Aiman Khan has also confirmed in an interview that if she is offered a good script to act in dramas, she might be seen acting. On the other hand, Aiman Khan is currently also busy looking after his clothing brand Aiman Minal Closet. The good news is that Aiman Khan’s daughter Amal Muneeb started going to school two days ago, due to which Ayman Khan’s busy schedule will be less.

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