Sajal Aly chooses bathtub as a prop for her latest bold shoot

Sajal Aly chooses bathtub as a prop for her latest bold shoot
Sajal Aly chooses bathtub as a prop for her latest bold shoot

Sajal Aly is definitely changing her nature of work and her several shoots have confirmed it. She has been quite sober and sophisticated concerning her choice of work and age and always had avoided bold dressing and shoots but now it seems like she’s working in essaying the boldest roles be it her role as a model or actress.

Recently her shoot with Sheheryar Munawar really put the internet by storm. The hype and stir that her shoot created were totally uncontrollable. People definitely were not expecting her to appear as a bold model but when things turned against their expectations then these outrageous reactions were shown. Well, Rangreza actress was spotted in a shoot with Sheheryar Munawar, and some unethical pictures and wine show-off really stunned her fans.

Her signature red lipstick is making her look too hot. These beautiful front fringes are definitely changing her look entirely. This exquisite and subtle makeup look is created by Nabila saloon. We are in love with her looks. Let’s catch sight of her.

people are raising certain objections. It’s perceived that after her divorce from Ahad Raza Mir she’s trying hard to become a bold actress. Recently Ishq e Laa actress is seen posing for a shoot in a bathroom tub. Sajal is looking extremely gorgeous in black and white attire. This super stunning actress is donning a white jumper suit with beautiful black embroidery on neckline. This black bow is enhancing the beauty of this assemble.

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