You don’t know how to speak Urdu, a journalist’s question to Aima Baig: video viral

You don’t know how to speak Urdu, a journalist’s question to Aima Baig: video viral

After working hard day and night, Aima Baig has become one of the most successful and highest-paid singers in the Pakistani music industry. There is no doubt that Aima Baig’s fans are found all over the world, while in the neighboring country of India, the songs sung in the voice of Aima Baig are heard with great love. She has also sung for Pakistan’s biggest singing platform Coke Studio and her songs have achieved record-breaking success.

You don't know how to speak Urdu, a journalist's question to Aima Baig: video viral
Aima Baig with her father

In the year 2022, Aima Baig turned 25 years old. And she got engaged to actor Shahbaz Shigri last year and has given the good news that she is now in a relationship. Here we tell you an interesting thing this is the second marriage of Aima Baig’s husband-to-be and he has divorced his first wife. It has also been reported by showbiz reporters that Aima and her fiance Shahbaz will tie the knot by the end of 2022.

Two days ago, Aima Baig was present at UK’s Wembley Stadium because of her concert on August 14. In this concert, Aima Baig sang Independence Day songs to Pakistanis living abroad. After finishing the concert, when the journalists started asking questions to Aima Beg, at the same time, a journalist said to Aima Baig why do you speak English now after becoming a singer? Don’t you know how to speak to which Aima Baig replied that I can speak Urdu very fluently. Click on the link below to watch the chat video of the journalist and Aima Baig.

Here we tell you about Aima’s personal life too Aima Baig loves to visit foreign countries very much due to which she is very active on her official Instagram account and also shares her daily pictures with her fans. Many people are also unaware that Aima Baig and Hania Aamir are best friends and they are seen together in many places.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below if you feel shy to speak in your mother tongue Urdu, if yes then we will wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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