Sarah Khan films her daughter’s first words

Sarah Khan films her daughter’s first words

The most loved and admired couple of tinsel town is in Oslo Norway for their vacations and their heart-warming pictures are winning the internet. We are in love with each picture and truly can’t get our eyes off this amazing couple. Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan surprised their fans with their wedding news and this was really something unexpected.

As we told you guys earlier the couple is off on their vacation in Oslo. Actually, Sarah Khan got the pride of performance award in Oslo on the occasion of 14th August. The couple is accompanied by Sarah Khan’s sisters Noor Zafar Khan and Ayesha Khan. Falak Shabir is making us get an insight into this dreamy vacation and we are overwhelmed with this beautiful journey.

Sarah Khan films her daughter's first words

Falk Shabir’s entire vlog is such an entertaining one. The way he teases Noor Zafar Khan is truly hilarious. Their bonding is so nice. Sarah looks so genuine and amazing in this vlog. This is always fun watching them having an adorable interaction. You guys must be huge fans of them as we are. Here we are sharing the complete vlog. Have a look.

Falak Shabir has uploaded the cutest vlog on his official YouTube channel and has shared some special moments with his fans. Finally, this little cutest baby Alyana has started speaking a few words. Her first words were Mama, though Falak tried hard to make her speak the word Baba but she repeatedly said, Mama Mama. It was so cute of her and she is definitely a big big fan of her Amma.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you guys wait? His vlogs? Rate his blogging out of 10. Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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