Javeria Saud got ’emotional’ while sharing her first Hajj experience

Javeria Saud got 'emotional' while sharing her first Hajj experience
Javeria Saud got ’emotional’ while sharing her first Hajj experience

Javeria Saud is a famous Pakistani actress, host, and producer. The well-known actress is married to a very famous film actor and producer named Saud Qasmi. The couple is blessed with two children, one daughter named Jannat Saud and one son named Ibrahim Saud. The couple also has a production house JJS Production, for which they have been criticized several times for payment issues and payment delays.

This year, the couple is blessed to perform Hajj which holds a special place for Muslims all around the World. Good Morning Pakistan host Nida Yasir invited the couple on her show to share the beautiful hajj experience and the things they have learned from their hajj experience.

Javeria Saud got 'emotional' while sharing her first Hajj experience

On the show, the couple seemed teary eyes that Almighty Allah gave them this very prestigious opportunity. They share that if our creator Our king has called us this means that he is happy with us and we are in his good books. On the question that what you have learned from your experience Saud answered that,

one thing that I have learned and that makes me happy is that at his house everyone is equal and everyone is treated equally there is no difference between rich or poor, black or white, cast or creed, there is no king there is no slave everyone is equal and everyone is treated equally.

Saud also said that ‘when I went there I performed umrah and that’s it. But when I came the second day and I was doing tawaf, and that moment when I saw Kabba I can’t believe that I am actually at My Lord My King’s house and I am standing in front of Kabba. Click on the link below to listen to the full interview of Javeria and her husband Saud.

Javeria while sharing her experience, shared that Hajj is not only worship but also a struggle. The couple said that after coming from Hajj as it is stated that everyone who comes from Hajj got a new life we also got a new life, and now it depends on us how we will live this life.

Have you also performed the important duty of Hajj? If yes, don’t forget to share your precious memory with us. Thanks!

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